You need a consistent brand...

Would you think of going to meet a potential client without making sure your clothes matched? Yet how many candidates have you seen that had signs that were unreadable 20 feet away? Candidates that used three different fonts in their logo? Candidates that had one logo on their letterhead, another on their slappers, and a third on their website?

A campaign's logo is the basis of a candidate's brand. It visually reflects the message a candidate stands for and stumps about. Brand awareness is just as important in politics as in advertising. People today are more aesthetically aware than 10 years ago. If a candidate uses a weak logo with typical type, poorly kerned and leaded, it reflects directly on that candidate - and the campaign's message - like it or not.

Now extrapolate the use of the brand across multiple platforms. Consistency across all materials such as bumperstickers, lapel stickers, palm cards, yard signs, and websites help build name recognition and establish a professional and competent appearance.

Your potential voters and donor base will see your brand more than they will likely see your candidate. They will see it on your signage, your literature, your advertisements, your banners, and everything you put the candidate's name on. Your brand is a visual representation of your candidate's messaging, both in position and in personality. It is visually what your campain represents from the candidate's views to their work ethic.

Use your brand consistently in a professionally coordinated way and your brand becomes not only familiar and integrated with your messaging, but comforting in its consistency. It is known. There are no surprises. Your brand, and your candidate by extension, are seen as safe, steady and consistent. People donate, support and vote for organizations and candidates who are consistent.

As a campaign or a candidate, the need to differentiate yourself from your competition is key in gaining market share. Branding through competent design is critical to the visual strategy and messaging success of any campaign.

Let's talk.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss a project for your campaign or organization, please email me so we can discuss your specific needs.

I've created logos and supporting graphics for all levels of campaigns from local county board races to presidential campaigns. I usually go out of my way to help local candidates, especially progressive candidates, as these campaigns often have limited resources.

My fee structure varies depending upon use and visibility of your campaign, much like rights to artwork for reproduction. I do this so that a candidate running for local office can afford the level of experience I offer higher profile clients.

The finished product I provide is up to you and your budget. It can range from a simple logo emailed to you that you adapt yourself for print and web, to a CD with all variations of the logo for web, Xerox, newspaper, and print use. Graphic Standards are available as well for high profile campaigns.

Maintaining your identity consistently through the creation of other campaign staples such as yard signs, palm cards, or web banners is also available. I partner with a web design firm with presidential campaign experience to provide fully configurable websites that maintain your identity consistently and professionally across all platforms.

Print Samples:

Michele Smith Mailers (728K PDF)
Misc. Michele Smith Materials (1.1MB PDF)
Misc. Christine Cegelis Materials (720K PDF)

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